PNR at 119: played important part in shaping nation—GM

Mayon Limited resumes run; train trips added

More PNR coaches and trips for Holy Week

PNR Employee, Injured after stoning incident

Love Along Da Riles Promo

Dilay, New PNR GM

GM's Activities

Promo Mechanics:

By submitting a photo entry and a duly accomplished entry form, all contestants agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Contestants will download the entry form to be completed and sent via email to socialmedia@pnr.gov.ph along with their photo entry. The form is available at the official PNR Facebook page, and in the link provided in these mechanics.
  2. Contestants will submit a digital photo of themselves with their loved one taken from inside the PNR train or any of the PNR station premises. People in the picture must consent in joining the entry.
  3. Contestants agree that all photo submissions will become property of PNR, regardless of the outcome of the contest.
  4. All entries will be screened and reduced to a set of up to ten (10) final entries. The criteria for selecting the final group of photos are as follows:
    1. Photos must be of a couple. No group pictures, solo pictures, or family pictures with children will be accepted.
    2. Photos must clearly show the PNR trains and/or Stations with the PNR logo;
    3. Photos must not be vulgar, profane or obscene;
    4. Photos may be edited for color, texture or effects only. Photos may not be edited to insert people/objects that were not originally in the photo.
    5. The person submitting the entry must be in the photo.
  5. Upon submission of entries, each contestant will be given an entry number. Contestants will receive an email receipt of their entry.
  6. Submission of entries will run from Feb 8-20, 2013;
  7. The entries will be posted on the PNR Facebook and Twitter accounts. Voting will start on Feb 21 and will end on Feb 27 at exactly 11:59PM;
  8. Announcement of winners will on Feb 28 before the end of the business hours. The winner will also be contacted via Facebook, email and any contact numbers they have provided;
  9. Winners will be notified through email. They must present a hard copy of the email upon claiming their prizes for verification;
  10. Winner must claim their prizes at PNR Tutuban. They should bring with them 2 valid IDs as a proof of their identity. They must also bring a hard copy of the email that was sent to them upon submitting their entry;
  11. There will be three winning entries (top three); the prize will be 2 privilege passes (valid for Commuter trains only) for each winner. PNR will honor for one month from the date of issue.