From the time the first rail tracks were laid in the Manila-Dagupan Ferrocaril line in 1891 and the colonial train had its first commercial run, until today when the Mainline South (Bicol line) is being rehabilitated under much public anticipation, Philippine trains have been running for 120 years.
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In line with the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) commitment to provide adequate, safe and convenient transportation alternatives, the Philippine National Railways (PNR) today announced that it is fielding additional train trips to and from Bicol starting March 13, 2012.

The additional trip will also extend its route from Naga, the current destination, to Pili and Iriga City in Camarines Sur; and Polangui, Ligao and Travesia in Albay.

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“Kung maitatayo ang minumungkahi sa ating mga railway system, bababa ang presyo ng bilihin. Mas mura, mas mabilis, mas maginhawa, at makakaiwas pa sa kotong cops, at mga kumukotong na rebelde ang mga bumibiyahe.” â€?Pres. Noynoy Aquino

In its storied past and optimistic present, one thing might be said to remain constant with the Philippine National Railroad. And that is, people need trains and this need must be served.

People need to move, seeking after life and livelihood. And the nation, represented by its government, and being made of people and communities spread throughout its geographic territory, must keep itself moving by connecting its people and communities.

This it does by providing as much as possible all the means of communication and mobility. Thus a nation builds itself–girding its loins, flexing its muscles, and extending its reach within, around, and even beyond its territory.

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Department of Transportation and Communications Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya (left) led the inauguration of the new Metro South Commuter train service extension of the state-run Philippine National Railways (PNR) from Biñan to Sta. Rosa, Laguna starting December 23, 2013. Assisting in the ribbon-cutting are (from left) PNR General Manager Joseph Allan Dilay, Muntinlupa City Mayor Jaime Fresnedi and Congressman Cesar Sarmiento.

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PNR employees, both active and retired, will have a reason to be jolly this Christmas season.

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The state-owned Philippine National Railways (PNR) today, Nov. 25, is celebrating 121 years as one of the oldest and most thriving mass transport systems in the country.

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Today, October 4, 2013, Joseph Allan Dilay is now the new general manager of the Philippine National Railways.

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Message from DOTC Secretary

“To sustain the rapid growth of the Philippine economy, we need to continue improving mobility across cities and provinces through efficient and dependable mass transit infrastructure. Thus, the role of the Philippine National Railways (PNR) is to provide this mobility at minimum passenger and freight prices. I acknowledge the commitment of the PNR management, under the stewardship of General Manager Joseph Allan C. Dilay, to steer railway transportation towards further innovation and development.

As the PNR begins another chapter in its already colorful history, I am confident that it will keep delivering safe, convenient and affordable transportation services to the Filipino people.”


Message from the New GM

“Every Filipino has a stake in nation building. Let us work hand in hand to restore our railway system for the benefit of the masses and the future generation. Please join me and the PNR family in moving the country forward through a safe, efficient, modernized, and integrated railway system.”
All Hands On Deck
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